Bitcoin: The path to riches or a bubble in making.

  What makes Bitcoin goes up in value even though there is no perceived underlying? 1.. FMAO (Fear of missing out) - People who missed out the earlier surge, are getting anxious to enter and this is creating bullish sentiment. 2.. Countries have begun to support and provide backing to the bitcoin. Japan has legalized… Continue reading Bitcoin: The path to riches or a bubble in making.


Market Updates: 12/05/17

1.. U.S. trade deficit increased more than expected in October, hitting a nine-month high as rising oil prices helped to boost the import bill. When adjusted for inflation, the trade deficit increased to $65.3 billion, also the largest since January, from $62.2 billion in September. Corporate Tax cuts from 35 % to 20% along with trade… Continue reading Market Updates: 12/05/17

Trading coins with Koinex

It is high time we start to consider Crypto as new asset class. Just make sure that the portfolio is diversified and is not 100% Bitcoin. I began using Koinex ( ) for trading crypto-currencies from Sep 2017 when the platform was launched and haven’t face any problems till date. It supports trading in Bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin… Continue reading Trading coins with Koinex